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Why Is My Iui Not Working


it adds up. Activity Badge × See all badges Follow us on Sign in Register Preconception Pregnancy First Year Toddler Family Baby Registry Word of Mom Groups Browse Community Groups Community Find a Group Good luck and keep preserving.ReplyDeleteAnonymousDecember 18, 2013 at 7:17 PMI had done my third iui. If so, I apologize, but I didn't see it.

I guess Tuesday was just a bad day for me. This was my first IUI (with injectables) I had two follicles which I was thrilled about (my doctor won’t proceed if there are more than two due to the high risk I'm now heading for Ivf in march...scared to death. That doesn't mean 5 million motile can't work but it is less likely to be successful. http://community.babycenter.com/post/a34062703/why_wouldnt_an_iui_work_please_share_your_stories_with_me

Reasons Iui Didn't Work

If I can take the disappointment, he will continue. Actually, I thought I wouldn't do anymore at all..........that didn't work out. I had a perfect CD 3 results, a high AFC...I was text book for a young healthy fertile woman...but it turns out that wasnt the case.

  • Good luck.
  • Meaning....the sperm sample is placed in the uterus on the 2 most fertile days.
  • In my state of compliant i was opportune to speak to a cousin of mine because at first i was shy about the problem but this was almost tearing my marriage
  • Remember me from last year?
  • I did another one (unmedicated) in October that failed and it was so hard because technically it was my 7th IUI.
  • BLOCKED FALLOPIAN TUBES: Blocked fallopian tubes can occur from many factors such as STDs, a uterine infection caused by abortion or miscarriage, a ruptured appendix (causes scar tissue), any previous abdominal
  • Koki - congrats!!!
  • To anyone reading, thank you for hearing me out and I wish you the best of luck on everything.ReplyDeleteRepliesAnonymousMarch 20, 2014 at 12:58 AMWe heard yesterday that our second attempt of
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Likewise, older women may want to shorten their time with less effective IUIs. She that there wasn't a reason it wouldn't work...hence my disappointment. Although clinical advice varies, some doctors abide by a rule of threes in which they attempt three interventions of a type before advancing to a more aggressive intervention. If Iui Fails What Is The Next Step and my frustration has settled a bit.

We are now taking a short break to determine next steps which will probably mean IVF. Tips To Help Iui Work Sperm antibody testing? But still....it does mess with your head a lot because you feel like you are doing everything possible to make it work, and when it still doesn't happen it leaves you Fingers crossed this next one is it for you :) It took me 6 IUIs to conceive my now 2 year old son.

I hope that helps. Iui Failure Symptoms Good luck! And no one knows we’re having fertility treatment, so I can’t even talk to any friends about it. What Went Wrong?

Tips To Help Iui Work

With those great numbers from you and dh you are bound to fall pregnant soon! I'm feeling very confident but with confidence also comes great dissapointment. Reasons Iui Didn't Work I love D/r & stimming too & the EC is Ok too.. Average Number Of Times Doing Iui Before Getting Pregnant Our diagnosis was unexplained infertility until my egg retrieval for IVF.

If intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is used than a specimen need only provide as many sperm as eggs to be injected and progressive motility is not essential. He gave me the contact information on how to contact the doctor who sent this very powerful herbal medicine to his friend that had similar problem, i contacted him and he Feeling like you want to die ISN'T good and I've been there, mainly because of the issues I've dealt with with infertility. The lab will analyze the sperm to make sure it has a high enough sperm count and enough motility to travel to the egg. Why Isn't Iui Working

It just feels like God's saying it's not our turn yet. If you are over 35 years of age, you are no longer in the youngest age group and may be classified as being of advanced maternal age. Miss Scarlett... Good luck girls!!

We are thinking of trying clomid with intercourse for a bit.. Iui Failed Twice EC under mild sedation.. I had no real signs or symptoms other than the poor egg quality.There's no easy way to deal with a failed cycle, and it seems the further into the fertility process

Although I have acupuncture my moods during weeks 3/4 of my cycle are all over the shot.

thats why it takes more than one try. and it wasn't the case. We've been TTC for 31 cycles, and started IUI in June, and after three failed IUI, moved on to IVF. Why Iui Fails And Ivf Works WHEN IS AN IUI SUCCESSFUL LOW SPERM COUNT OR MOTILITY: Sperm can also swim slowly, may not be able to swim at all, swim in circles going no where, or may

My DH and I have been trying for 18 months. Put on bcp 7/6/11, Lap surgery 8/1/11- Tubal cyst (5cm) found and removed, Uterine Septum removed, and Stage II-III endo removed. I m depressed.. After much praying, crying and talking for months we decided to pursue donor sperm.

I never thought I would want to go this far either but I don't want regrets later. Just know I'm here with you sympathizing and understanding. You are in my prayers every single day and I hope that you find happiness and a timeout from this process mentally in the small gifts god has given us like