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Why Is My Electric Hot Water Heater Not Working


The recommended water pressure is 50 to 60 PSIG. I dont understand how this works. A5: A 4500 watt WH element is 12.8 ohms whether it is new or 20 years old, whether it is clean or scaled up. Scale coating a water heater element can also reduce the quantity of hot water (or cause heating element failure) - a topic we review in more detail at at WATER HEATER check my blog

Not having a thermal expansion tank is the most common reason for a dripping discharge pipe. Make sure they are snug and again, do not over-tighten.If heating element leak persists after snugging bolts, remove the heating element and replace the gasket.If the leak is coming from a When adjusting the temperature do you keep the upper and lower thermostat the same ? - John 4/15/12 I have replaced both T-states and both Elements and I still only have I just wouldn't take a chance. http://www.whirlpoolwaterheaters.com/owner-center/installation-video-guides/electric-installation-videos-guides/troubleshooting-repair/

My Water Heater Is Not Heating Water

Explosion Hazard. The leaking water likely caused a thermostat to malfunction too. Backflow prevention valves (also known as "check valves") prevent the expanded water from reentering the water main.

If I change the fuse it works to heat it back up and then blows again. Temperature set to low. 2. Or even if it has anything to do with the heater. How To Test Water Heater Element This series of articles describes how to inspect, operate, diagnose, and repair electric hot water heaters.

Electric Water Heater Thermostat Location, Adjustment, Settings, & Test or Replacement Procedure Electric water heaters usually have two thermostats, and to heating elements: an upper thermostat located behind a cover high How To Tell If Electric Water Heater Is Working That means the lower thermostat isn't working and needs replacement. Check water heater power. 3. http://www.water-heater-repair-guide.com/electricwaterheatertroubleshooting.html You don’t need electrical experience to check and replace the heating elements.

I looked online and seen something about manually resetting the EOC (or something like that). Electric Hot Water Heater Not Working After Power Outage Remember, higher temperatures (above 120ºF) can cause serious injuries. Water Pressure Check your home's water pressure with a gauge. INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES: ARTICLE INDEX to ARTICLE INDEX to WATER HEATERS OR use the Search Box found below at Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia ...

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  2. Also check your anode, if you can, to see if there's anything left of it. 4500 or 5500 watts should not make any difference which would be noticed as far as
  3. Replace the element.
  4. If the upper element has burned out, it can be replaced.
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  6. Also see our Book Reviews - InspectAPedia.
  7. Assuming the heater wiring checks out, it is quite possible that the problem is not the water heater and it is not that something is drawing too much current (e.g.
  8. Note - If large quantities of hot water are coming from the discharge pipe, turn electrical power off and consult a qualified technician.
  9. If your upper thermostat malfunctioned and you had both elements energized simultaneously and you have 3800 watt elements and voltage was 230 instead of 240 then both elements operating together would
  10. Lots of folks come to The Tank because they don't want to hire an electrician or plumber to fix a problem, but saving money is meaningless if you lose your life

How To Tell If Electric Water Heater Is Working

If it is not getting the required voltage, there are probably issues with your home's electrical system. Electrician should have taped the white wire black but I see a lot of cases where it was not. -- David A3: Hello David: I once ran across a job where My Water Heater Is Not Heating Water It might have started with a fuse that wasn't screwed in tight, or a wire that wasn't securely connected to the fuse box. Electric Water Heater Thermostat Make sure the power is off by touching the electrical connections with a noncontact voltage detector.

Water heater undersized. 6. click site If a leak remains from the valve, replace the T&P valve. Did you figure it out? - Bill 3/16/2013 Reply: Pat and Bill, The good news, if there is any, is that with electric water heaters the total number of parts to If you check between those two wires, you should have 240 volts assuming the bottom of the tank is cold. Gas Water Heater Not Working

Note - If large quantities of hot water are coming from the discharge pipe, turn electrical power off and consult a qualified technician. Your heater draws about 20amps. It has only been drained once or twice that I am aware of in the past by professionals. http://stickersweb.com/water-heater/water-heater-not-working-electric.php A qualified electrician may be needed to fix your electrical problem.

Most plumbing codes require a Pressure Regulating Valve if the water pressure is above 80 PSIG. Not Enough Hot Water From Electric Water Heater a 5% discount on these courses: Enter INSPECTAHITP in the order payment page "Promo/Redemption" space. For water pressure issues, consult your local water utility or a qualified plumber.

If you find you have 240 at element screws but it's not heating, then the element must be bad, but you should already have tested for that.

If this is so, use your nose. Check the controller or thermostat - it should be allowing current to flow on a temperature drop and call for heat. installed defective or wrong parts. Rheem Electric Water Heater Reset Button See fewer ads.

Grounded thermostat/limit. 5. Any idea where I can find a better thermostat that will fit? Please try again. http://stickersweb.com/water-heater/water-heater-electric-not-working.php Did you notice that the water was hotter before it went cold?

Your Name: Your Message: Send me a copy Send cancel Please wait... To check for power, turn the circuit breaker marked "water heater" off (or remove fuses). The leaking water likely caused a thermostat to malfunction too. myHassleFreeHome 236,854 views 10:47 How to Make water Heater at Home Easily - Duration: 4:21.

I tested it yesterday and it seemed to be functioning properly (sending 230 volts to the upper element and about 48 volts to the lower, then switching to the lower with A: Sediment build-up is burning out elements and possibly overheating the high limit, causing it to pop. steven lavimoniere 155,864 views 34:34 How To Use A Multimeter - Duration: 9:27. I have no problem helping, but viewers looking for help, should also help me in return by supporting my channel.

If the tester light comes on either time, there's a short. Reduce thermostat setting to prevent tank overheating and opening T&P relief valve.If leak is coming from a pipe connection such as water inlet or outlet or T&P valve threaded connection, tighten Electric Water Heater Thermostat - How to replace a water heater thermostat. More Reading Green link shows where you are in this article series.

SIGN UP Please enter valid E-Mail Address FOLLOW US Subscribe Give a Gift Advertise With Us Customer Care Content Submission Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use © 2016 HOME SERVICE Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. General electrical inspection safety advice is at SAFETY for ELECTRICAL INSPECTORS. Check elements. 4.

The tester should indicate power by lighting up or beeping. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order. Plumbing Repair: DIY Tips and Step-By-Step Guides Water Heater Tutorials How to Troubleshoot and Repair an Electric Water Heater By Bob Formisano Home Repair Expert Share Pin Tweet Submit Stumble Post If the tester doesn’t light up, it’s safe to test the elements.

Figure A: What's Inside and How It Works Most residential electric water heaters have two heating elements: one near

We start with simple basic checks and then move to testing and replacing bad controls or bad water heater elements. AFTER you establish that there is power being supplied to the water heater, ALL remaining tests are done with the POWER OFF to the water heater.You will need a phillips & Photo Credit: By Mike DeSocio / Getty Images Possible CausesCorrosion occurring inside glass lined tankSacrificial anode rod is failing (anode rods dissolve slowly to prevent rusting in the tank). Possible RepairsReplace sacrificial