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Vlookup Not Working For Some Values


Cell references changed when copying the formula to other cells The heading gives an exhaustive explanation of the problem, right? The full nested IF formula looks like this: =IF(C5<64,"F",IF(C5<73,"D",IF(C5<85,"C",IF(C5<95,"B","A")))) This works fine, but note that both the logic and the actual scores are baked right into the formula. error. they both have the same type , I check with =TYPE() , also they are match I checked with A2=D3. :) so how can I fix it? Source

Yes, there's an extra space at the end of the input. In the example below, we want to look up the email address, so we are using the number 4 for column index: In the above table, the employee IDs are in I've also made sure that I have the correct range in my formula, nothing seems to help. But if the first column of the table contains numbers entered as text, you will get an #N/A error if the lookup value is not also text. https://www.ablebits.com/office-addins-blog/2014/04/09/why-excel-vlookup-not-working/

Vlookup Value Not Available Error

However, you can force it to bring the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or any other occurrence you want. Reply Kathryn says: February 2, 2016 at 8:58 pm Thank you! i just want to show my boss the names of clients who paid their obligations (cash payment & collection of A/R).

  • In the above example, the following INDEX / MATCH function works perfectly: =INDEX(C2:C7,MATCH(TRUE,INDEX(B2:B7= F$2,0),0)) You can learn more about using INDEX / MATCH in Excel in this tutorial. 2.
  • Thanks, KelleyReply Analyst says: June 11, 2016 at 8:11 pmHi KelleyI've never heard of that issue, no.But I'll drop you an email with my thoughts on what may be happening.AnalystReply Kathy
  • To find an exact match, set the range_lookup argument to FALSE.

Insert a column in col C then write "=int(B56)", then copy and paste the data from that cell as values into cell B65.I know you've given a detailed description of your Solution: Either make sure that the lookup value exists in the source data, or use an error handler such as IFERROR in the formula. One to pull in the customer name, and the other to pull in the customer state. 11. Vlookup Returning Wrong Value What does your formula look like?Re question 2), without seeing your file, and you should only send it if if you re-create a dummy version with different data, I'm not sure

Voila!3) vlookup #N/A error (because wrong range of data is selected)Here’s a problem from someone who visited this site (and the solution, of course!)Rather than use the method described, they’d started Vlookup Returning #n/a When Value Exists I tried doing a find/replace, but as a wildcard, it replaced the whole string in each field.. If the first column in the table contains no duplicates, this obviously doesn't matter. Top solution The most common cause of the #N/A error is with VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, or MATCH functions if a formula can’t find a referenced value.

I provide the name in one of the cells of my query sheet, and I want to use the MATCH function to get the row number (from the names worksheet) of Vlookup Not Working Shows Formula I’ve been on numerous excel forums looking for a solution and have tried many(locking the reference table array, sorting and filtering each spreadsheet the same way, etc) and none seem to VLOOKUP returns the first found value As you already know, Excel VLOOKUP returns the first value it finds in the return column that matches the lookup value. Reply Chris says: June 7, 2016 at 10:14 am VLOOKUP Cannot Look to its Left was my issue..

Vlookup Returning #n/a When Value Exists

If that throws and error, we try again with the revised formula. imp source I Alex September 21, 2016 at 2:24 am Great info Thanks so much!!!! Vlookup Value Not Available Error Reply Nadine says: December 31, 2014 at 12:56 pm found the answer: add Iferror to your formula: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($R2;'my database'!$E:$U;6;FALSE);" ") Reply Kevin Mcalister says: January 7, 2015 at 11:59 am Hi Vlookup Not Working Between Sheets In this example, $10 “Prize Money” is an unlikely amount for any athlete to get paid, as you can see all the other values are much higher, so the vlookup is

It will return the first record that matches the value you looked for. this contact form Reply shamalmadingdong II says: October 4, 2016 at 8:56 am very gud I enjoy Reply Edward M says: October 27, 2016 at 5:03 am Hello: We have an unusual problem with Go to the Excel Vlookup Tutorial Part 5.2 - Vlookup #REF! A PivotTable has been used to enable a user to select a Fruit ID from the report filter and a list of all the orders appears. Vlookup Not Returning Correct Value

Reply brian says: January 6, 2016 at 6:58 pm Had a similar issue today with a vlookup. The INDEX function returns the value of the contents of a range based on position. Select the cell with the formula in question, then go to the Formula tab on the Ribbon and press Insert Function. have a peek here i have over 8,000 lines so can't click on every cell.

I have the 20 barcodes in column A (ascending order )with the name of the products in coloum B, so when I scan the barcode into e.g C1 my VLOOKUP in Vlookup With Text This can cause results that look completely normal, even though they are totally incorrect. An example would be looking up sales for a salesperson in a particular month, or looking up the price for a particular product from a particular supplier.

Your instructions about having an exact match, or VLOOKUP would not find the information in the lookup table, was very helpful.I used people's names to relate the spreadsheets, because there were

Now highlight the numbers in column C, copy them, then highlight the cells in column B and click ‘paste Special values’. Note that our composite column still needs to be to the left of the column whose data we will be returning. In some cases I don't get a result from the formula. Vlookup Not Working #ref Click here to cancel reply.

Otherwise you might be able to use the EXACT function with INDEX and MATCH instead of VLOOKUP. For example: I have first and last names in the same cell (1st column of Vlookup table), and they have values associated with them in a cell right next to them So the formula =INDEX(A1:A6, 4) will return “Lilies”. http://stickersweb.com/vlookup-not/vlookup-not-working-ref.php If a new column is inserted into the table, it could stop your VLOOKUP from working.

If it still doesn’t work, read on for other N/A errors covered on this page.2) vlookup trailing spaces error AKA "the invisible dash!" (another #N/A error)Some company reporting systems automatically generate For example, =IFERROR(FORMULA(),0), which says: =IF(your formula evaluates to an error, then display 0, otherwise display the formula’s result) You can use “” to display nothing, or substitute your own text: If not consider removing them. and if my boss tries to see the details of another bank, same thing i want to appear the names of clients i encoded, also..

And yet, although VLOOKUP is a relatively easy to use, there is plenty that can go wrong. Every time I transfer the notes, the majority are correct but quite a few either populate as ‘0’, ‘#N/A’, or pull previous notes from much earlier spreadsheets. In this case, May-December have #N/A values, so the Total can’t calculate and instead returns an #N/A error. After defining a named range "key" for the grade key table, the VLOOKUP formula is very simple and generated the same grades as the original nested IFs formula: With the grade