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Visual Studio Autoformat Not Working


Example of such a file, which could be result of modification by two developers with different settings: I have created bug report for this here. In VS code I have to press backspace "more often" to delete a line and after using it I often have to select the code block and run the "Format" action And it does not support bracket alignment indent. Please enter a comment. have a peek at this web-site

Best definition of the problem and solution is @tunger's Best would be like in VS2013, where the formatter/indentation would recognize the indent for the current code block, and apply the indentation more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Switch solves just one specific case- what if someone else likes not to indent both namespace and first level of classes? (Maybe you could force him to change such habit, but What Russian letter is this?

Ctrl K D Visual Studio Not Working

Correct indentation on paste and formatting support for more languages are obvious candidates for base product. 👍 1 CherryDT commented Apr 21, 2016 The "paste and format" thing is only Close this Advertisement Home JetBrains ReSharper Support Submit a request Community Sign in JetBrains ReSharper Support Community ReSharper Community How do I stop resharper auto-formatting c# code using spaces? What game did I see in Verona, Italy? The alternative is changing all the files I've been working in the last 4 years and adapt to the 'forced' indenting style, which I honestly would prefer to avoid. 😄 p.s.

Is that ok? I have checked all of these options mentioned in Visual Studio 2015 and none of them match the case that was already described by JoeBug. Here is the code I used for testing: function FunctionName { $a = @" This is some sample text to demonstrate a code folding issue withing VS Code. "@ } stylemistake Visual Studio Code Format Code Not Working Internally, we differentiate between formatters that can format full document only (that's usually easier to implement) and those that can format a sub-range.

A nice valueadd to have when having indenting/formating. 🎉 1 alexgorbatchev commented Apr 1, 2016 I would really love to see an option to format on save 👍 9 This is not an issue of beautification - this is an issue because auto-formated files are now marked as different with our tool chain. Call member function template parameter on shared_ptr How can you simplify Do the guest schools spend an entire academic year in the host school during the Triwizard Tournament? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5755942/how-do-you-auto-format-code-in-visual-studio http://source.roslyn.io/#Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Workspaces/Formatting/BottomUpBaseIndentationFinder.cs,24 CyrusNajmabadi commented Aug 18, 2016 Here's my take after reading through the thread: We should probably add a "Do not indent namespace content" option.

Reload to refresh your session. Visual Studio Code Format Shortcut This is the result Smart tabbing puts my line below the previous line, and the cursor position too. I just wanted to know for sure what would be the outcome of this behaviour. Continue Twitter RSS NewsIn-Depth.NET Tips & TricksAgile AdvisorCode FocusedC# CornerCross-Platform C#Data DriverInside TFSMobile CornerModern C++Neural Network LabOnWard and UpWardPractical .NETRedmond ReviewUI Code Expert Tech Library2013 Salary SurveyVisual Studio 2012ALMAgile/ScrumAsync/Parallel/MulticoreCloud/AzureOpen SourceSharePointSQL ServerWeb

Visual Studio 2015 Format Document Not Working

Feedback? The fact is that this problem was well solved by previous versions, allowing users to format the code as they pleased, and now it's just broken for people not adhering exactly Ctrl K D Visual Studio Not Working In example, I use the coding style described in this thread for all my projects, but I also have to edit Open Source libs which use the common C# indenting style. Visual Studio Code Indent CyrusNajmabadi commented Apr 5, 2016 It should be solveable, as it was already working in previous versions.

How do I make VS to "ignore" checking if these resources exist or not? http://stickersweb.com/visual-studio/visual-studio-f8-not-working.php For example, preservation of tabs in certain contexts, but also removal of tabs in other contexts. JoeBug commented Apr 5, 2016 For me as user this is completly mysterious and on top I have no chance to avoid this. Select 'Use object initilizer' from resharper menu. Visual Studio Code Formatting Settings

I'm not a fan of adding support into our core engine for something which is considered bad practice. It is an explicit non-goal of the formatting engine to support every "like" that every user has 😄. But this was the case even on previous versions. (BTW my tab size is 4). 0 Kengo Takenaka Last update January 15, 2016 17:10 Permalink I met with a similar problem.Visual Source Instead, hte new engine follows the principle espoused in many different locations that tabs should only be used for indentation and spaces should be used for alignment.

It doesn't seem to consider the context / scope of the block and hence messes up the whole indent. Format Code In Visual Studio Code UPD 2: There is an extension that adds an extension.pasteAndFormat command, which can be used in keybindings.json (combination of editor.action.clipboardPasteAction and editor.action.format). I don't like the space between function and () (i.e.

All other files in my project do.

  1. So unfortunately that doesn't solve the issue, the outcome is the same when working with a file with different indent size than configured in the editor settings.
  2. E-mail us.
  3. Check all three formatting check-boxes.
  4. The button(s) you select will appear on your toolbar ...
  5. CyrusNajmabadi commented Jan 28, 2016 @JoeBug Can you please provide a repro file (ideally as small as possible) that demonstrates the problem?
  6. As noted already there are people in this thread that want a myriad of different behaviors.

tunger commented Aug 18, 2016 @heejaechang Regarding your question. This situation is far from ideal, yet it is reality. more hot questions question feed lang-cs about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Ctrl K D Not Working Visual Studio 2013 What I have installed that might have something to do with this: VS2008 SP1 SQL Server 2008 sp1 Office 2007 Thanks for the help c# visual-studio-2008 autoformatting share|improve this question asked

In order to help you during design time, you can create dummy resources, point to those, then change the references at runtime to the dynamically generated content. Because auto-format changes all existing tabs with spaces, a LOT of lines marked as different when comparing source files with previous ones. suiwenfeng commented Sep 14, 2016 @waderyan Which languages supported for "editor.action.format" Microsoft member waderyan commented Sep 14, 2016 @suiwenfeng good question. http://stickersweb.com/visual-studio/visual-studio-f11-not-working.php You use to be able to paste in a block of css in one line, hit the shift + alt +f and it would correctly format the code.

Using above example, Console.WriteLine(); would be put at the following indentation: in VS2013: 2+2 (which is existing indentation for method) + 4 (which is indentation setting in VS) = 8 in You signed in with another tab or window. So something up with the tab settings that is causing this. up vote 372 down vote favorite 110 I know Visual Studio can auto format to make my methods and loops indented properly, but I cannot find the setting.

We've done this ourselves in Roslyn on several occasions and it hasn't been an issue AFAICT.