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So this morning I power up the pc with the ultravnc server I try to connect and I could not connect I have to reset password and i notice that the When I start VNC server I can see the "Select keyboard layout" icon in the status bar. However, keys are not > > > correctly displayed and sometimes even give the same > > > result as ctr-alt-del. Regarding work-arounds, turning off ALT would not be helpful; I need to be able to send the modifier keys (for editting in eclipse). http://stickersweb.com/not-working/win-xp-usb-keyboard-not-working.php

in Notepad)? (I understand that either way we have to restart uvnc or the machine.) B Super-Mod Posts: 2347Joined: 2009-09-09 14:05 Top Re: Mouse and Keyboard Stop Working by Rudi Can move windows around but can't type in any of them; keyboard focus remains on the window where vncviewer was started. It is therefore likely that the silliness of looking at keycodes will continue. The lower the color level is, the larger the area that can be selected before the problem manifests itself. (0) Has anyone else reported a similar problem? (1) Is there anything her latest blog

Vnc Not Accepting Keyboard Input

The > > > same happens when I connect via the java viewer from > > > IE6. All other XKB configuration references the names, not the codes, making those portions hardware independent. == Actions == As mentioned, XKB tries to do away with implicit magic. Is there some kind of modal dialog there? –Robin Green Nov 24 '13 at 9:35 No, there is none. Why do solar planes have many small propellers instead of fewer large ones?

Taxing GoFundMe Donations Chess : The Lone King How to say: "Ok, Then I take x" after your first choice is not available What is the best way to save values I've never run uvnc_settings.exe -- is that the same thing as modifying the services's ultravnc.ini file manually (e.g. The difference is that now the type determines how to choose the column. == Groups == XKB also has something called "groups". Tigervnc Keyboard Not Working On VNC this causes problems as VNC normally doesn't have any reliable mapping for keycodes and dynamically set up mappings for keysyms.

I've found if I simply click 'out' of the VNCViewer window (so it's no longer frontmost before using the problematic modifier key), the remote key locking symptom does *not* occur. You'll have to find a really old system to encounter anything like that. If so, I could try to reset it. The XKB specification clearly describes how the Core table should be generated from the XKB layout.

As mentioned in comment 3, some modifiers are a bit special so the first two (or possibly three) modifiers are if not mandated, at least heavily implied to look a certain Vnc Not Responding To Mouse Clicks XKB uses a concept called groups for the different alternative keysyms for each keycode. - Applications that want to use the first keyboard model (buttons, not symbols) now have a hardware when i press s, it popup the start menu. A proper such implementation would be massively complex and is probably unfeasible.

Vnc No Keyboard Input

What different frame materials have been used? https://archive.realvnc.com/pipermail/vnc-list/2004-August/046702.html For instance, > SHIFT-ALT-Up > extends the region to the next larger java expression. Vnc Not Accepting Keyboard Input I think it is a bug. Vnc Keyboard Stops Working loxK commented Apr 2, 2013 Confirmed on Nexus 4 ghost commented Jun 17, 2013 Modify Settings "Hardware physical keyboard" option to say "OFF", so you will get the soft keyboard enabled

The core issue is that you can either transfer the first input model, or the second one, but not both. navigate here Only device reboot fixes the problem. I get the window but nothing is clickable. It unfortunately means we need to redesign VNC to deal with XKB properly first though. 2. Vnc Viewer Mouse Not Working

Telekinesis resistant locks Where do all these electrons come from? At first > everything seems ok, but then slowly server by server the left mouse > button > would functioning like the right one. And even so, we're only talking about access to a local machine file, so any local admin rights should be sufficient; I think I'm lost. Check This Out The impersonation function fail with permission denied.

I hope this make sense.... Vnc Viewer Mouse Click Not Working And, I couldn't see how to delete those. (i.e no delete button, del didn't do anything, etc - all under sudo). Gary Levin RRC 1N345 Telcordia Technologies > -----Original Message----- > From: Sean Kamath [mailto:kamath [at] geekoids] > Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 2:47 PM > To: Levin, Gary Marc > Cc:

It's the same on X2Go as well.

  • Gary Levin RRC 1N345 Telcordia Technologies > -----Original Message----- > From: vnc-list-admin [at] realvnc > [mailto:vnc-list-admin [at] realvnc] On Behalf Of Levin, Gary Marc > Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2008 11:42
  • I then killed my VNC server, started it again, and connected with RealVNC (my usual client from Windows).
  • The primary mapping is from a keycode to a set of keysyms.
  • I guess I'm just used to knowing that the VNC service already has full machine control -- when I do file transfers I can get to whatever I want just by
  • Secondly, keyboards are a way to input symbols.
  • This means that it has very low odds of picking a suitable mapping.
  • Office, Browser, UTerm, etc).
  • I ran below yum command and things are flying now.

Though if the domain user's credentials are made available to the service explicitly (in some fashion) I would think it should still be workable. From xtrace, it looks like vncviewer is requesting and receiving the focus. Lock behaviour is generally different in XKB layouts compared to the Core protocol, but otherwise it maps rather well. Realvnc Mouse Click Not Working You also can't type anything text > unless you go to the server console.

For instance, SHIFT-ALT-Up extends the region to the next larger java expression. First of all, when an application uses the old Core API, it will still be using the XKB protocol and mechanisms. FWIW Peter B. ----- _______________________________________________ VNC-List mailing list VNC-List [at] realvnc To remove yourself from the list visit: http://www.realvnc.com/mailman/listinfo/vnc-list glevin at telcordia Jan5,2009,10:06AM Post #5 of 5 (12313 views) Permalink RE: VNC keyboard/mouse http://stickersweb.com/not-working/what-to-do-when-keyboard-key-is-not-working.php Alternatively, it may be the "stuck modifier" problem.

Generally this is what you want as you want the Shift modifier to be where the Shift_L/Shift_R symbols are, rather than fixed to specific keys. ------- Comment #19 From Pierre Ossman You have to tap control or shift or alt to unstick it. On reboot, you are back to the old....